Kaua’i & O’ahu


Hawai’i’s oldest big island, Kaua’i, was astoundingly gorgeous. Like my time in southern Utah, I found there was something fundamentally surreal about iron red earth. They actually make dirt dyed t-shirts that have the same hue. If any of this looks familiar, it’s probably from watching Jurassic Park.




Waimea Canyon State Park

The “Waimea” of Waimea Canyon means “reddish water” in Hawaiian, for obvious reasons. The canyon runs about 10 miles long and stands up to 3,000 ft deep. Uniquely, it was carved not only by said reddish water, but also by the volcanic collapse of a volcano.


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O’ahu, Shangri land

Shangri La is the name of a mansion built by heiress Doris Duke near Diamond Head just outside Honolulu, Hawaii. Construction of Shangri La began in 1937, after Doris Duke’s 1935 honeymoon which took her through the Islamic world. For nearly 60 years afterwards, Miss Duke commissioned and collected artifacts for the house, forming a collection of about 2,500 objects. The house was designed by Marion Sims Wyeth. [Wiki]


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