The Big Island

Early 2014 I met the folks halfway across the Pacific Ocean and we got some quality Opa & Arlita, sun, swimming and fresh fish time. The halcyon days of visiting every winter have long passed, so this trip was an especially perfect balm from Hangzhou’s central heater-less, wet winter. Here are some photos mostly from sitting on out on the lānai, catching up on my reading:


P1370758    P1370747P1370729    P1370738P1370730 P1370755 P1370792 P1370819 P1370845


Towards Hawi, the northern most point of the Big Island

P1370934P1370892P1370896P1370937    P1370938P1370979P1380001    P1380020


While wandering around we found an old, old graveyard. The incredible, lichen covered, lava rock tombstones reminded me of cairns:

P1380036P1380038    P1380039P1380045    P1380046P1380076    P1380101P1380109P1380104    P1380131